St. Louisans Love Their Firsts

That's right, we sure do. So many inventions have come from St Louis, more than folks probably know.


We recently aired a television commercial challenging the viewers to find the 26 firsts that were pictured. The clues, and video, are below.


Good Luck.


If you found them all, let us know - email us at

Jaime Chailland, Founder and CEO,

Saint Louis Area Native and Mizzoui Alumn

Clockwise from Bottom Left:

first freestanding gas station; ice cream cone; eight track tape; toasted ravioli, interstate highway system started here; first public kindergarten 

In Left Corner of Photo:

the hot dog

From Left to Right

7up soda, Tum's; St Louis Bread Company/Panera; Pulitzer Prize (in frame); the Arch; Switzer's; 

In Photo:

the first Olympic medal ... and the first Olympics held outside of Europe (1904)

In Photo:

the first Homecoming (on t-shirt)

credited to Mizzou

In Photo:

cotton candy

Clockwise from Bottom Left:

the first theater chain; the modern Santa image; first fingerprinting used for identification; the Rockettes(originally the Missouri Rockets); first drive thru bank teller; the first successful parachute jump; and the Monster truck.

In Photo:

the Junior dress

The 30 second video spot

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