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     We donate $3 of every Original Light Up Scarf™, Light Up Table Runner, Light Up Mantel Scarf and Light Up Garden Flag we sell to the Jobs Program of Best Buddies, the world's largest organization dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic isolation of the 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

     Our goal is to see that the Missouri Jobs Program is established statewide and well placed to serve the needs of the Best Buddies participants, its member employers and the greater IDD communities. It is with much excitement that this goal is in motion with the opening of the Missouri Jobs Program as of January 2024. 


     The Best Buddies Jobs program is one of that organization's key mission pillars - Integrated Employment - allowing its participants to earn an income; pay taxes; and continuously and independently support themselves.



Our Mission

Our Products


     We design and manufacture our products in Marthasville, MO (Yes, Marthasville) working with local artists, printers and sewists.


     Our 'Sew At Home' program allows us to engage sewists that may otherwise be cut off from traditional employment settings due to lack of public transportation, inability to drive or disabilities. We drop off the work then collect it when completed.

     We take pride in ensuring a high quality accessory product for your enjoyment and will refund your money should you be unhappy. 


Mini-USB tag.jpg

     Each Original Light Up Scarf™, Light Up Table Runner and Light UP Mantel Scarf is powered by a mini USB rechargeable processor. That means NO BATTERIES to buy or replace! When fully charged our products can keep you LIT for up to 12 hours or more.

     Simply use any mini USB cord - don't have one, no worries, we provide one with each item. Charge it overnight when you receive to ensure maximum brightness.


Our Story

In The Weeds Light Up Scarf

Founders James (Jaime) Chailland

left) and S. Marshall McClure (far left);

mascot and bright light 'Lumi' (top)

Argentina light up scarf Russia Wortd Cu
video shoot
Winter Wonderland Light Up Scarf
Its Ornamental Light Up Scarf
Mizzou Homecoming Light Up Scarf

Every holiday season we travel home wearing something beyond noticeable with the hopes of making our parents squirm when they pick us up at the airport. A few years ago, it was a quickie – scarf, battery holiday lights with huge case and packing tape.  


After being approached by so many people from the gate to the baggage carousel - 'Hey, where'd you get that?" or "How much was it?"- and when our nieces and nephews of all ages wanted to have one too - we knew there was something there.


So, when 'the Google' rendered no 'light up scarf' worth mentioning (unless a boa with lights counts) illumiwear was born and prototyping began.


illumiwear products perfectly blend technology and fashion with design and function. They allow you to stand apart from the crowd while at the same time bringing you together for a shared experience

Our family of products are created using the fabric sublimation dye infusion process, then each scarf is hand assembled and sewn, with special attention paid to detail stitching; label placement; light and electronic accessibility; and multi functional packaging.

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