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75% of Pedestrian Fatalities Occur After Dark.

Be Bright,

        Be Seen,

                     BE SAFE!

     This powerful statistic was released in the 2018

Governers Highway Safety Accociation Report. The main reason is poor visibility and dark clothing. Illumiwear™ works hard to change that statistic one neck at a time through our Be Bright, Be Seen, BE SAFE Public Safety Campaign and Original Light Up Scarf™ products.


     Whether during the Halloween event season or just walking your dog in your neighborhood, an illuminated accessory can be the difference between life and death.


     The scarves are perfect for Halloween with timely designs and internal LED light systems and blend nicely with a wide range of costumes for kids of all ages. Regardless of design choice, the result is bright and clear: children will be more easily seen and safer than those without lighted gear.

     ‘Safety has always been a key driving factor in our design and product development’ says CEO/Founder Jaime (James) Chailland. “Let’s face it, children are focused on candy, not on using a flashlight. Our scarves are the ideal solution to illuminate and protect.”

     We also had some fun making a one minute video on You Tube: Illumiwear Halloween Safety Campaign 

See For Yourself:

The change in visibility is clear to see with this side by side comparison: One image shows a family out for Halloween without wearing any light up gear, while the other image shows just how effective (and stylish) wearing a Light Up Scarf can be.

More Tips For A Safer Night Out...

Choose costumes that do not hinder your child's site. Avoid full head masks, eye patches and heavy eye paint.


Costumes that incorporate reflective materials such as tapes and lights increase visibility.


Visit houses that are well lit and look like they want to be visited; pass by the dark, poorly lit homes.


Never assume the right of way; always look both ways before crossing a street.


Trick or Treat in groups and ensure that at least one parent is assigned a chaperon.


Take time to empower your child to understand how and when to call 911.