Here's a scary fact;

twice as many children are killed by automobiles on Halloween night than any other night of the year, due mostly to poor visibility.


Solution: wear illuminated accessories. We of course suggest an Original Light Up Scarf™ from our Spooky and Safe Collection. As you can easily see here, it's better to be brighter!

This powerful statistic was released in the 2018 Governers Highway Safety Accociation Report. The main reason cited was poor visibility and dark clothing. Illumiwear™ works hard to change that statistic one neck at a time through our Be Bright, Be Seen, BE SAFE Public Safety Campaign and Original Light Up Scarf™ products.


75% of Pedestrian Fatalities Occur After Dark.

An illuminated accessory can be the difference between life and death. Wear an Original Light Up Scarf™ when:

   -  walking a dog

   -  riding a bicycle

   -  out for a run

   -  an after dinner walk

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