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What size do you need? Yep, we have that size!! It's a rechargeable LED CUT TO FIT safety collar for your pet, you, your kids -- anyone that wants to add some sass to their safety! Can be sized to as little as 6inches diameter to 23inches diameter.


This collar is bright and fun, yet fully functional. ON, Slow Flash or Fast Flash modes in all colors except White, which is a 'chasing RGB' and offers no solid 'ON'. YES, they are rechargeable (cord included).


Durable hard molded plastic clasp that opens with a twist and pull motion. Look for the scissor sign and remove that side from collar, cut anywhere you need to between any of the lights, reapply to the clasp and BAM - you're LIT!


Available in Orange, Blue, Red, Green - white lights - and White  -multi color lights.

Safety Collar Collection

  • Cut to Fit!

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