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This is what our customers are saying:

Everyone loves it - including me! Besides being festive, it works great when our weather calls for a scarf! It has helped protect my face from those bitter temperatures we recently had.

                                        - Margie B (Missouri)

They are so beautiful and very well made. I wasn't expecting such quality for the price.

                   - Kristina N (London)

My daughter didn't want to take hers off.

                    -Robyn R (Missouri)

They loved  them! And my neighbor stole mine!

                      - Sue C (Florida)

Dominick LOVES his new Illumiwear scarf! Absolutely STUNNING! ❤️❤️

                               -Linda T (New Jersey)

Received my beautiful scarf today! Awesome, absolutely love creative!

                        - Cathy U (California)

Can't wait to see the new designs. I think we're addicted.

                                    - Laurie M (Massachusetts) 

Everyone loved the scarf - they all wanted to wear it.

                           - Eric C (Florida)

Love the scarf and the directions, maintenance, cleaning directions are superb!!

                   - Douglas M (New York)


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