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     Each Story Scarf from the Winter Collection uses design and technology to tell that special story from your past while helping you create new ones from your present.

     Maybe its remembering your first snowstorm, watching the flakes fall as flurries, then building to a blizzard and school was canceled for days...or that time when you went caroling in the snow with friends and your feet were frozen and throat sore from singing and laughing so hard...


Blue Flake

SKU: 1003
  • Each scarf is the end result of quite a long process. Designed in the USA; knit in Peru; then painstakingly hand assembled, finished, programmed and packaged in the USA.


    The result is a fabulous, functional and fashion forward scarf. Please allow for variations in lighting as they have been hand placed and secured.


    100% Acrylic

    75 inches long, 9 inches wide

    Spot Clean only

    9V battery required (not included - rechargeable recommended).