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A style from our Spoky Scarf Collection!

Stop by and see our friends at

New York Chemists

(77 Christopher Street)

 to grab a design from the Spooky Scarf Collection just in time for the Village Halloween Parade. And while your there treat yourself to some amazing skin care products!

Whether TRICK OR TREATING, a family holiday get together, a heart pounding festival or that special game, we've got you covered (literally)!

Halloween Scarf with LED ligts

By offering well made scarves with thoughtfully placed or programmed light experiences and great design, we are the first to create such a fun fashion experience. Choose a printed Ocassion scarf from our Celebration Series or a high quality knit Story Scarf™ and you are sure to bring brightness and joy to you and those around you.

- a knit scarf with programmed LED technology that interacts with the design to recall special memories: everything from the first snowfall to caroling with family; or your favorite fireworks display to the night your team took home the championship.

Why are we better?
One word - QUALITY!

 High quality materials, skilled manufacturing and hours of handcrafting allow us to create a premiere blend of technology and fashion for a longer lasting product. Using patented technology - thank you Illuminode - we are able to offer a product experience currently unlike any other.


We strive to always transcend the typical 'on, off, twinkle' and go beyond.


Consciously Not 'Made In China'  but rather, Proudly 'Made in America'

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