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Every holiday season we travel home wearing something beyond noticeable with the hopes of making our parents squirm when they pick us up at the airport. In 2014, it was a quickie – scarf, battery holiday lights and packing tape.  


After being approached by so many people from the gate to the baggage carousel - 'Hey, where'd you get that?" or "How much was it?"- and when our nieces and nephews of all ages wanted to have one too, we knew there was something there.


So, when 'the Google' rendered no 'light up scarf' worth mentioning (unless a boa with lights counts) illumiwear was born and prototyping began.


illumiwear products blend quality fashion design with LED technology to awaken special memories of an occasion or event or to be there with you as you experience new ones.

So, what's the bright idea behind the LightUp Scarf™?

video shoot

Founders James (Jaime) Chailland (far right) and S. Marshall McClure 

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